Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Playstation 4 - Lots of Fuss

Sony are by far the best brand to purchase any electrical goods from. They are quality, well built, reliable and trendy. However this constant upgrading of technology has perhaps gone too far this time. If you consider the UK market where Internet connections are still using copper based BT wires layed before you were born then it would be safe to assume that you cannot do as much online gaming, interacting and the like as you would had the Government decided to spend billions laying fibre optic then renting it out to companies at a huge profit.
The PlayStation 4 seems to have some great Cloud based ideas, like having games preloaded awaiting you to click to purchase, something that sounds fantastic considering the amount of people who have to queue at the local Game store for big release dates. It says it will learn what you like from what you play, not sure i like that idea as if its anything like Amazon then it might learn i like kids games because my nephew was around the other day playing Finding Nemo. But if like me you often disconnect from the internet to game so that it does not gobble up your bandwidth then it won't learn.

Online streaming of your gameplay is another feature, so you can show others you playing a game. I think this is for those hardcore gamers, or perhaps its a great way to help others get past certain parts of a game by broadcasting your skills. My issue with this is how do I find someone that can show me how to do something? Is there going to a whole new mass social media set up to help you connect with the right people? Are they going to have games with experts doing tutorials linked at the sidebar? Well the answer to that is probably going to be no. Basically they will allow you to broadcast to your friends list, which means you need to do all the hard work of finding someone who can do what you need then setting up to watch them do it, much easier to just search on YouTube.

When the PS3 was launched Sony made the correct decision to integrate a blu ray player into the device, attracting all those PS2 owners to rush out and buy one and making it a huge success. Unfortunately this time other than the cloud technology which could turn out to be a flop much like the advertised Playstation Home interface on the PS3, there does not seem to be that big wow factor to tempt your existing customers. Most will simply wait till the prices begin to fall before getting one to keep upto date with latest game releases although history tells us that games are often produced on previous platforms for upto 3 years post implementing a newer model.

So all in all, yet to be convinced about the usability of the technology given the backdrop of a recession and poor Internet coverage in the UK. Maybe there will be more details released to push you one way or anothers in the coming days.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Top 5 Pranks to Play on your Spouse

So playing pranks is a nice way to brighten up the day and a sure fire way of spicing things up in a relationship. There are literally thousands of pranks but I have compiled a list of the top pranks to play on the spouse with associated video to show you some of the best examples, how nice am I?

One thing to remember about pranks is that no everyone takes to them very well, so to make sure you are going to be able to handle the subsequent fallout from the prank, perhaps sleeping on the couch isn't such a bad thing as you have a TV series you've been meaning to get through.

Pop rock prank
Brilliant idea for the annoying spouse that snores in bed, or perhaps drools all over your pillow with there mouth wide open. This prank is simple, get some pop rocks and whilst they are sleeping pour some into their open mouth, wait and once you hear the popping you will see the confused look of your spouse as they think their mouth is caving in!

Prank Fallout Rating = 2
Prank funny Rating = 4

Talc in the Hairdryer prank
This prank is brilliant for the effect and can be a great way if you have ever been bored of waiting on your partner getting ready to go out. Place some talc inside the hairdryer, ensuring you clean off any residue on the surface so as to not arouse suspicion. Then await the cloud of white talc as it covers your partners face and hair. Couple of warnings on this one, it is dangerous as the hairdryer might blow up, you will have to buy a new hairdryer (best to have this ready to minimise the fallout) and you will also have to sit around waiting whilst your partner spends another hour getting ready again.

Prank Fallout Rating = 4
Prank Funny Rating = 4

Water Breaking Prank
For anyone who has ever been pregnant you will know the scariest time is the waiting on labour. Your man will be nervous about all the things to do and the quickest route to the hospital. So a simple prank is to have a waterballoon in your pants and wait until they cuddle you, scare you or any other innapropriate time you can think of.

Prank Fallout Rating = 2
Prank Funny Rating = 3

The Fire Extuingisher Prank
If your partner is a BBQ freak and continues to play for hours at master Barbeque then you should put out the fire in them with a nice blast from the extuingisher. Whilst it might be very messy it is a good way to get your point across.

Prank Fallout Rating = 4
Prank Funny Rating = 2

The Cheating Prank
Does your partner constantly get on at your about "Who you texting?" or "Where you going?" insecurity is a major reason relationships fail, so this prank addresses it by making light of the issue and showing them how ridiculous their fears are. First set up the paranoi with some text messages sent from a 'friend' then allow them to read that you will be together on a certain day. As they arrive home get in bed with your mannequin head and start to make some loud noises, ensure the radio is on otherwise they will wonder why you didn't hear them come in.

Prank Fallout Rating = 2
Prank Funny Rating = 5

One last thing to remember is that revenge can and always will be worse so before you go starting world war 3 in your own home make sure you have a few special ones lined up to stop them from retaliation!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Harlem shake - A craze

The Harlem shake* seems to have taken over YouTube recently with hundreds of well co-ordinated videos popping up all over the show. The thing is that with most videos they aren't very well put together but this video from Manchester Uni is a great example of a proper well organised fun event. If anything gets students applying to a Uni they may as well use this video on the entry form. Its a classic

The beauty of this video is there is sooo much going on, i mean check the guy with the I heart Bj's top!

 *The Harlem shake is a song written by electronic composer Baauer and first burst onto YouTube in Februar 2013 and has since become hugely popular

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

4 things to do if a Meteor Crashes to Earth

So the recent reports of meteor crashing down to earth in Russia present a clear problem to us all. This is likely to happen again and we would all like to know what we should do in the event of this?

When the meteor struck it broke windows all over nearby homes and offices.It is said to be the largest in the past century and unlikely to happen again to that scale but just incase it does Here are 4 Top Tips:

1. Dont stand next to a window

The force of impact is likely to shatter any glass within the sound radius and broken glass is most likely the biggest danger of a meteor, as long as it doesn't hit you directly on the head of course. This means if your standing watching the decent out your window I would advise you move quickly. Stand in an open space if you wish to watch preferably somewhere higher up so you get a better view.

2. Get Pictures!

Most events now require good pictures for news items and bloggers all over the world. By taking pictures you are helping to inform the world of this amazing event. Perhaps you might even be offered money for them. This could be a great way to promote your own blog by asking for credit for its use. Whatever the reason you need to get the camera out as people will be interested.

3. Find fragments

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on some then you are probably going to be able to sell it. Alternatively it could hatch and become a cool alien friend for you to play with, so it's definetly a good idea to go and try and get some of the rock. That's if it is safe and hasn't been cordoned off by the FBI by the time you get there.

4. Help the injured

If anyone is hurt it would be worth helping them. It is the nice thing to do and ok you may want to take pics but you'd be better off helping those injured first. Its far better to be a hero than a reporter in anyone's books!

Written by Steven Hill

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Top 5 most annoying things about Facebook

So everyone uses Facebook, but in fact in US and UK the number of users are dropping. This is because of the amount of news articles relating to how people have suffered at the hands of stalkers, been fired from jobs, been ignored for job opportunities or been trolled. The bigger your web footprint the worse it can be sometimes. The thing about facebook is that if you follow simple rules of maximum privacy and only befriending people you have actually met in real life and trust then you should be ok. Its a great tool for keeping in touch with family and friends in our ever nomadic existence. But then there are those gullable friends that can provide your feed with annoying pictures and updates like the five examples below:

1. Please share to show support for....

The reason these are bad is because unless it is raising money or awareness of something there is no point. I would happily share a post about how to check your testicles for cancer but i won't share it about a starving dog because that is simply depressing and doesn't actually end up helping the starving dog pictured.

2. The "Look im in a toilet!" Pictures

The toilet of a nightclub used to be a place for, throwing up, having casual sex and reapplying make up which had sweated off on the dancefloor. Unfortunately it has become a haven now for picture taking in the mirror. Thousands of people on a night out think that going to the bog and standing in the mirror will just be what the thousands of followers would like to see. Well I can tell you it ain't. Take a picture with something interesting in the background like perhaps the cliff your about to jump off.

3. Chain Mail

Chain mail used to be something you got through the door, really it did. Back when it first came out it was a letter you got that you had to post to ten other people, back then stamps were pennies and it was a regular form of contact written letters. Unfortunately these chain mail people have hooked onto social media and the place is riddled with the "If you don't repost this in ten minutes you will fall in a hole on the third thursday of the month". Its pointless and stupid and should really be removed by admins or sensible non superstitious people. Its also a great way to find half your friends have now hidden any posts from you so will never listen to anything you have to say.

4. The Advertising

When facebook first started their idea of facebook pages it was cool. I would get notifications that friends had liked local cool shops, teams, political groups. But now i'm getting told about Amazon, eBay and samsung. To be honest i can't be bothered with it because i already knew they existed and didnt need a banner ad to tell me. Facebook needs to be rid of the big gun advertisers and get back to the local community weird and wonderful pages you used to get feeds about. Although it won't because Facebook ads are massively expensive even although direct conversion rate of likes to sales is below 1%.

5. The School re-union brigade

People like to live their past over again and for some reason think getting back together with school mates is a great idea. Usually these people are boring and have nothing interesting to do since leaving school and are also very nosey. If after twenty years I haven't spoken to you then i probably don't care if you even exist anymore, I don't want to compare house sizes and wage cheques and I certainly don't want to ever think about School as I left and moved onto real life.


Saturday, 9 February 2013

Top 5 Best and Worst current Tshirt trends

I wear Tshirts pretty much everyday, I think most blokes in my generation do, they are comfy and convenient and can express your mood. Having such a large collection of tees means I'm constantly looking for new and different ideas. Sometimes I will really like a design or a slogan and other times I'm just like why would someone want to wear that? So I thought I'd put together my current (2013) top 5 and worst 5 Tshirt trends.

Top 5 Best T-Shirts

1. Independence T-shirt

Being an avid supporter of independence I love this T-shirt as it has gold Lion rampant with blue text. This makes it stand out on a white background and is not overtly big in design so doesn't look out of place. I am a big supporter of people wearing politically motivated tees as I think anything to provoke some political thinking is a good thing in a country with only 50% turn out for most elections. Even if someone wore a Thatcher idolizing tee I'd be happy that they are sharing their message.

2. Plane T-shirt

This tee is great because it sums up my sense of humour. Also because the number of people who look at you and then think for a minute before actually getting the joke is unbelievable. Seriously some people can take a full five minutes of hard concentration before they get it. Humour on a tee is a great thing as long as it's not offensive to anyone, I have seen some pretty close to the bone and think wow that isn't very nice.

3. Johnny Cash Tshirt

Johnny Cash is an icon, he really is. His music is timeless and he was a really cool and in my humble opinion very underrated. What this tshirt demonstrates is your like for a particular band. Being mad about music I always pick up a tee when I go to a gig, even if its a small band. I once bought a tshirt from the stall outside a gig only to realise it was the drummer of the band who was serving. I love the idea that music starts out like that, the musicians juggling their time on the stall during the warm up acts meeting fans and selling merchandise, you wouldn't catch Robbie Williams doing that, although if he did he might make a bit more on the merchandising.

4. Granny's House T-Shirt

Being a new dad this tee was ideal for my son. I used to love going to my grandparents because you knew you would be spoiled and get away with stuff your folks just wouldn't let you. The saying about Vegas has been popularised by hollywood movies for years so I think when you put a childlike twist on an adult saying it can be very funny. It is also the type of T-shirt that granny likes because she thinks, yea I am loads of fun.

Sunny Dunny

When you go somewhere you gotta get a T-Shirt. It is something you can keep like collecting postcards from all your holiday destinations. Some local shops have some great and funny designs so they don't have to be the old "I went to Magaluf and all I got was herpes" type Tshirts. You can get local landscape and landmarks printed onto a Tshirt giving you a memory of when you were there.

Top 5 Worst T-shirts

1. Naked lady Tshirt

 So you like to look at sexy pictures of women, ok most men do and some women do too. You do not however need to put it on a T-Shirt. Its not trendy or cool its sad. Its not even like you can look down and see as then she is upside down, your basically just demonstrating your a big perv to the entire planet and most self respecting women will think your a bit of an idiot. So before you go buy the latest top that River Island told you is fashionable think first about how you want the world to see you and them take a detour on your way to buy it preferably over the nearest cliff.

2. 'Sexy' Tshirt

I hate t-shirts like this especially when it's someone under the age of 18 wearing it. I do not think you need to put a slogan on a shirt saying sexy if you were actually sexy people would get it. Unless of course your wearing it ironically because its your "oh im late" to drop the kids off at school and look like Bigfoot, then feel free to continue. A famous irish comedian once said he saw a girl wearing jogging bottoms with this written across the bum and he approached the dad and said "look mate, thats really not appropriate is it?.............I mean she is hideous!"

3. Massively offensive T-Shirts

There are loads of great and funny kids clothes and babygrows but some of them really are not cool. This T-shirt demonstrates poor judgement and total disregard for the mother of that child. I know its meant to be funny and yes it is slightly amusing but you have to realise that kid shouldn't be wearing that because they are probably going to be round other kids who will then go home and ask their parents what it means and thats not good.

4. Drink reference tees

 The type of men who wear these are the type of men you need to avoid. They are clearly out on a mission to oblivion and they should be avoided at all costs because there night will either end in a pool of vomit or a pool of blood.

5. Advertising T-Shirts

If you like a brand then thats cool wear their T-shirt. If your wearing it because you got it free with a 2 litre bottle of juice or at a giveaway somewhere your an idiot. Seriously how do you even function, you do realise the only place any of these tees should be worn is when your painting your roof or clearing your gutters where no one else in the world will see you, otherwise your basically advertising a brand for free, or better yet you have paid to advertise their brand. And i'm not talking here about fashion brands obviously a tshirt from DKNY is going to say DKNY on it, but a soft drink, food outlet, etc etc is not cool, oh wait unless its retro and then crack on, I mean I'd love a Marlboro fifties style tee.

If you would like to send me free tshirts feel free to contact me.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Top 5 Hottest Female Sci Fi characters

So Sci Fi lags behind in terms of having good strong female leads despite an ever growing legion of Female fans to this genre. I mean lets face it if we are watching something that is set in the future it is pretty likely that whatever society it is will be run by women. The reason I say that is because as technology advances and people become more socialist in their views naturally women will take to the front of society and lead forward humankind in a vision of utopian bliss, for 28 days of each month anyways.

So here is my top 5 Sci Fi female stars:

1. Summer Glau (Terminator)

As a terminator you cannot help but fall for her no nonsense charm. If John Connor built robots like this in the future then I for one am just sorry I won't be there to have one as my own personal bodyguard.  Whilst this series may not be one of the best Film spin offs ever Summer's acting helps it a long way to credibility. Having had previous sci fi roles she is no stranger to the fanatics at comic cons around the globe!

2. Claudia Black (Farscape)

Claudia again has had multiple roles in Sci fi over the years including an impressive performance in Stargate SG-1. The beauty of her character Aeryn out of Farscape is she starts out with no emotions and is a serious killing machine, slowly turning more and more human the longer she spends with John Chrichton. Great performance from a stunning lady.

3.Zooey Deschanel (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy)

This is a severely underated film and unfortunately due to its mediocre box office takings its unlikely we will see the cast turn out for another of the 5 Douglas Adams written books. The character trillian was portrayed well by Zooey and whilst she has moved onto a TV starring role she wins a place in my top 5.

4. Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica)

Anyone who saw the original knows the confusion at this casting but after watching it all you really do warm to a female lead in this.Katee is now the dream of many a young sci fi fan.

5. Billie Piper (Dr. Who)

Bit of a left field here but Dr Who is now a staple of British and American TV viewing and by far the hottest assistant he has had was Rose. A great performance from someone who started their career as a pop sensation and went on to play the UK's most infamous prostitute. Google

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Ways to make money online article not commisioned!!

Firstly this is not commissioned and more to the point it will not advertise a get rich quick scheme. I hate this type of Google search as it turns up millions of ways that all end up being the same stupid ideas spoken about slightly differently. The recommendations are always about people making real decent money and seem a little too clean for my liking. So lets look at some of the top answers:

1. Get paid for your opinion

Really? I mean someone values a complete strangers opinion enough to pay me for it ok i'll check it out, oh no wait when they say paid they mean like peanuts. Ok so here is the catch, professional writers spend years and years building up an online profile of work and reputation they can then get good paid writing jobs commissioned by companies in their field that place value on indirect advertising which is basically writing an article either completely not based on or indirectly based on a product they sell or service they provide. The problem is that most people have no reputation and end up on a horrible paid per article site that gives them pennies for their time and then clogs up search engines with articles like "Top 5 best apps for gamers" and the website earns pounds from affiliate deals or advertising. If you do want to make money from writing then do one of two things;

- Write a blog and think of it like a hobby and earn money from ads and if its good eventually you might even start getting commisioned writings, product review requests and other such great things happen. But then you will spend at least as much time advertising and spreading the word of your blog as you will actually writing so be prepared its like a marketing job. Once your blog is well established maybe try an ebook for sale but ensure its good quality, nothing worse than poor reviews for ebooks to ruin a career.
- Write for other people and build a profile of work much like a model builds a portfolio of pictures often not getting paid for their time. DO NOT rely on it to make any money.

My final piece of advice for writing is to ensure you constantly stay ahead, a lot of paid writing sites have gone down the pan due to google updates to their search results meaning they dont make money from advertising as much anymore and therefore cut back on payments.

2. Dropshipping

The term dropshipping makes my skin crawl it really does. I know lots of people make good money but essentially this role is basically marketing at its worse. You take a cut of the retail price for goods and add zero value. There is a huge number of dropshipping scams and most website marketplaces are now full of turnkey drop ship sites promising huge returns for no effort. Do not believe it. Dropshipping is hard because the dropshipper does not care about whether its you that sells their products they just wanna sell more so will often have dozens of people just like you selling for them. There is only two ways I see dropshipping as a viable option;

- You have a retail site selling stuff you have got and want to bulk it out using dropshipping
- The dropship company have given you sole rights for your geographical area

But ensure you get some really good research done before signing up as often poor service reflects badly on you, faulty goods and delivery timescales are the biggest complaint of dropshipping behind of course the scams.

3. Become an agent

There are two many companies that I see aiming at the stay at home mum crowd to entice them into becoming an agent. Most agents end up making no real income from any work they do and due to the saturated nature of the market it can be difficult to even get this off the ground. Aimed at social people it basically works on the premise of selling stuff to your pals and getting a small cut. The reason I dislike this is that with a little determination you can find wholesalers of most things withing ten minutes and majority do not require you to be a registered company. If you want to sell lingerie like Ann Summers parties why not spend £50 buying some from a wholesaler and then making 200% mark up. Or if its cleaning products or Tupperware then just find the wholesaler who supplies your local pound store and place an order. All agent selling is a pyramid scheme which is why you always get approached by other agents trying to get you to sign up as this then makes their job easier if you sell well. If you have no money so can't go down the actual buying stock yourself route why not try this:

- Go to a local shop and ask if you could host a party in their shop for 20 people privately, all sales you recieve a percentage of. A lot of small retailers would welcome this and some might even give you some products to host party yourself on a sale or return basis with some form of refundable security deposit.
- Become an expert at finding prices cheaper and split the difference. Become the person known as the bargain hunter and help your friends save money and you ask for 50% of the difference.

Some legitimate ideas you could try instead:

- Approach your local shops (ensure they are not chainstores) and ask if they would like help to sell online,  offer to do this on their behalf for a certain percentage. Most stores are working with good margins and would welcome the extra help as small businesses are so slow at moving into the online marketplace.

- Start up a community online for a niche subject and provide daily feeds of news and allow discussion. If done well after the community is large enough you can offer premium access and charge.

- Some big companies now offer home working opportunities, Customer Service reps can earn a decent wage and work flexibly from home.

- Buy from a car boot and sell on ebay. I wouldnt usually suggest eBay as it is so expensive these days it doesnt often seem worth the time and their policy of customer service for sellers is abysmal but if you know about something it can make a lot of money. For instance you may be keen fisherman and you could go to the local car boot and look specifically for fishing stuff, buy cheap and sell higher. Often car boots are a mixture of people getting rid of things they don't want or people getting rid of things they don't know what the worth of is due to perhaps inheriting it at some point. Its easy to spot naive sellers at car boots as they look timid and don't generally have a nicely presented stall like someone that goes every week.

If you have any other advice feel free to post comments or if you'd like to discuss any of these ideas then contact me. Remember to share if you enjoyed! Google

Monday, 4 February 2013

Top 3 things that tell you your addicted to smoking

There are a lot of addictions out there, smoking, chocolate, sex, alchohol and drugs to name a few. Out of all of the vices in life smoking is the one where people assume if you do it then you are definetly addicted. With alchohol a few drinks doesn't mean your addicted, a bar of galaxy of an evening also doesn't indicate an addiction and the quickie you had this morning before work doesn't mean your the next David Duchovny with a sexual addiction. Here are 3 different ways to tell you are addicted to smoking:

1. The morning cigarette

This is the most difficult to give up and they say that if you go more than 40 minutes before your first cigarette then you are less addicted than if you do it first thing. If you find yourself stood at the back step of your house jigging up and down bursting on the loo as you puff on your cigarette and then once finished rush to the toilet then you are probably pretty badly addicted. The morning cigarette feels the best, because you have had a long enough break from smoking to make it seem nice and new. This will be the last cigarette you give up but can also be the one that breaks your attempt to give up. Often when stopping if you give in to it within 20 minutes of the day it is easy to say "oh well i'll try again tommorrow", instead you should assume this will be last one to give up and work the day backwards.

2. Can't get your lighter to work

If your lighter stops working and you use a hybrid of those two out the drawer, you know the one with no flint and the one with no gas to create a double handed lighter then you probably pretty badly addicted. Lighting a cigarette is annoying in the wind, rain etc and if you have no functioning lighter and aren't around other smokers it is so frustrating, you'd even try the two sticks to create fire if you had to. Cookers, starting your car just to use the lighter or even those old matches you use to light the coal fire are all valid methods of lighting that cig during a period of no functioning lighter. Instead try using this as sign, matches are a good way to keep a track of your cigarettes. When you plan to cut down only take enough matches for the cigarettes you will have and if one doesn't work use it as a sign.

3. Maths can be handy

If you are addicted to smoking you have counted out change to buy a packet of smokes. Keep a track of the amount your spending and then also start a fund for something you really want, like perhaps a mini city break to New York. You will be amazed at how fast the track of spending on smokes smashes through your target long before any money you have saved does. Keeping track of spend is a way of making you ashamed of smoking and the waste of money it causes.

Like all advice, its easy to say and a lot harder to do but then all addictions are a problem when you have to factor them into your day. If your a social smoker or a part time smoker then good for you, well done on not falling into the desperation addicted smoker trap and being able to take it or leave it. Google